What Causes Achilles tendon?

What Causes Achilles tendon

Achilles tendon is an essential components of a leg which is located at the back of the ankle just above the heel. It connects the heel bone known as calcaneum and the calf muscles. It greatly aid when bending the foot downwards at the ankle. That activity is refer to us plantar flexion by physicians.

One condition that affects the achilles tendon is Tendinopathy wherein it causes soreness, inflammation, hardness and lack of strength. It is believed to be triggered by small injuries which happened to the achilles tendon repeatedly. After that microtrauma, the tendon is unable to cure completely, as suppose to happen. Meaning as the time passes by the injury to the tendon become severe; this is why Achilles Tendinopathy develops.

There are several things that may possibly result to microtrauma in achilles tendon. Some of these are the following:

  • Wearing improper shoes when exercising.
  • Having poor running techniques.
  • Extensive use of achilles tendon which is commonly an issue of who run regularly.
  • Common to dancers and people who are engaged in sports that involve jumping.
  • Increasing the intensity of training programme.
  • Doing exercise on sloped grounds.
  • Having a high-arched foot.
  • Having undeveloped hamstring muscles.

This condition frequently occurs to people who are suffering from some types of arthritis like psoriatic arthritis. Genetics has also an impact to the rise of achilles tendinopathy. There are genes which have some problems with the tendon’s healing capability after an injury. Individuals who are taking drugs for a long period of time may have the danger of having achilles tendinopathy.


Achilles tendonitis is another term used for achilles tendinopathy. It is generally called inflammation; therefore tendinopathy means an inflammation of a tendon. Thus, it is now noted to be a better name to use since there ino inflammation that leads to the problem.

Achilles tendinopathy occurs to about 6 in 100 people. Though there is much higher possibility to develop in sports oriented people like athletes or those who do several trainings daily. It may be a certain difficulty for some runners. It is proven to be more common to men rather than women and may take place during the ages 30-40,

Nobody wants to experience this kind of ankle pain and for this we all need to be aware on what are the things that highly contribute to its occurrence. This is to be ready in some case it happens and do not forget to consult your physician if it gets severe.

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