Is Your Car Secured?

All people treat their cars differently. Some treat their cars with care and passion while others treat them as their daily commute. No matter how we treat our cars, we still want them to be safe and secured. We have earned our cars through hard work, and we never want them to be taken away. Here are some tips on how can you keep your car thief-proof.

  1. Always lock your car when leaving. It’s simple and common sense. It’s the first step in securing your car. Forgetting this step is like giving away a free to a thief.
  2. If possible, avoid parking your car in an isolated area. Try to park your car in well-lit and busy areas. Of if you need to park in a parking area, make sure there are securities.
  3. Keeping your car in excellent condition can deter off thieves because if they saw your car is well-maintained, they’ll think that your car has an alarm because it shows that you take care of it.
  4. Putting on an alarm for cars should be necessary as it greatly decreases the chance of getting your car stolen. Putting an alarm sticker or a blinking led light will let a thief know that your car has an alarm installed making a thief think twice about stealing your car. But also make sure it’s turned on before leaving your car.
  5. Don’t ever leave your valuables inside your car. A car with a laptop inside of an expensive branded bag will more likely get a break-in rather than a car with a box of tissues inside. If you need to leave something, make sure that it’s hidden.
  6. A steering wheel lock works great as a deterrent. As these locks are hard to crack, seeing them locked on your steering wheel massively increase the security of your car visually and practically.
  7. Take your steering wheel with you. If you watched “Mr. Bean”, then you surely can remember the episode where he took the steering wheel with him. Even though the thief managed to break in, he didn’t get the chance to drive the Mini.
  8. Installing a GPS tracking device will reveal the location of your in case your car got stolen. Even though we feel confident about our car’s security system, there is still a chance to get stolen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Driving a manual transmission car is now more practical today. Most Americans can’t drive stick as this is a great addition to your deterrents.
  10. Never leave your key in your car even if it’s hidden. For a thief, nothing is hidden with them. Always take your keys with you as they don’t take that much weight on you.

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