How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol

How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol

For some people, lowering the cholesterol level is easy. A low cholesterol diet, exercise and proper intake of supplements and medication would do the trick. The fact is; no matter how healthy you may seem, if you have an elevated LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol level, you are at risk of having coronary heart disease. It is advisable to lower cholesterol naturally to prevent any side effects caused by some prescribed medications. The best way to lower LDL cholesterol levels is to heed your doctor’s or dietitian’s advice. It will be a very steep climb in conquering it for those who already have a serious heart disease.

It is known fact that if an individual has a high LDL level in his blood stream, that individual is in great risk of having heart disease. Individual who have high cholesterol levels usually are not aware that they have high blood cholesterol levels until it is too late. Angina (chest pain due to lack of oxygen in the heart) is the only early symptom that an individual feels before realizing that he would have to lower cholesterol naturally. Although angina is linked with other issues, any intense physical symptoms such as sweating, pressure in the chest, pains in the arms, dizziness and rapid heart beats should be taken seriously. A simple trip to the doctor should be done immediately.

There are lots of factors in having elevated levels of LDL in the blood stream. Heredity, weight and gender are a few of those factors. Individuals who have weight problems, usually in the middle age tend to be at greater risk of health problems. That kind risk can be prevented by having a healthy diet, a change of lifestyle and regular exercise. However there are factors that can not be changed because it is hereditary. Gender is also a factor. Females are more likely to have lower LDL levels than males until their menopausal age. After that females have a tendency to increase their LDL levels. That is why it is important to lower cholesterol naturally.

Some individuals exert a lot of effort to lower cholesterol naturally, by doing things medically and the right lifestyle change; and still were not able to do so in maintaining a low cholesterol level. The only way to confront the problem of high cholesterol and to lower cholesterol naturally is to have a low cholesterol diet. Oatmeal is the most well known non cholesterol food. It is rich in fiber. Fiber, as experts say, actually absorbs cholesterol in the liver and excretes it. Garlic is also another popular food that lowers cholesterol naturally. Researchers say that garlic when taken in sufficient amount daily can actually lessen the risk of heart problems.

In order to have a low cholesterol level it is important to have healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

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