Essential Tips to Keep Your Old Car Running

A quality that every car must possess is reliability. Reliability of the car is essential to many car owners. A car must make sure that the driver must reach his destination from point A to Point B. Even an old car can be considered reliable as long as it is being maintained and properly taken care of.

If you are on a budget and wanted to save money, then buying a brand new car is not on option for you. Instead of investing a ton of cash to a new car, why not invest your old car. With all the maintenance needed for an old car, it’s much cheaper than buying a new car.

Here are some simple tips on how to keep your car kicking and to run.

Engine Oil

Most people think that it is ok to use any types of engine oil. But it’s important to understand that using the wrong engine oil can cause your car to have breakdowns and costly problems. To avoid these altogether, read the owner’s manual to determine what is the correct oil should be used. Treat your engine properly with the right oil and your car will treat you right.

Oil Change

It depends on the car on when should you change your car’s oil. Some would recommend after every 3,000 miles or every three months or whichever comes first. Consult the owner’s manual or ask your trusted professional on how often should you change the oil. This helps in keeping your car last longer.

Air Filter

Just like its name, it filters dirt and dust from entering your car’s engine. The air filter should be replaced every after 12,000 miles or at least once a year. You could consult the owner’s manual because different cars vary on how much their air filter must be replaced. A clogged air filter will hurt your engine and reduce fuel efficiency. Replacing it with a new filter can increase power and even improve fuel efficiency.

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