Our Sustainability Vision

We believe in the power of technology to build a better world for everyone. We want to drive positive change for people and planet, unlocking sustainable growth and enabling progress on the United Nations’ Global Goals.

But this cannot happen at the expense of the environment. By driving down energy consumption, we can reduce carbon emissions while maximizing impact, wherever compute happens.

Our Strategic Focus Areas

Global Problem Solvers 

From education to innovation, we nurture brilliant people – and their diverse perspectives – empowering them to tackle the world’s biggest problems.

Arm Education

Arm Education’s mission is to help close education and skills gaps in Computer Engineering and STEM for the benefit of society.

Arm Innovator Program

The Arm Innovator Program supports our global ecosystem of developers—talented individuals building innovative solutions to transform the way we live and work.

Responsible Technology

Responsible, ethical, secure technology is critical to creating trust across our ecosystem.

Our Net Zero Carbon Commitment

In September 2020, we committed to taking a science-based approach to cut absolute emissions from our business operations by at least 42% to achieve net zero carbon by 2030 – 20 years ahead of the 2050 target outlined in the United Nations' Paris Climate Agreement. For unabated emissions, we will invest in accredited carbon sequestration projects while exploring ways to further reduce our emissions, even as we grow.

Sustainability Reporting

Transparent reporting is integral to our continued success. We provide meaningful information to help stakeholders and partners assess our environmental, social and governance performance.

Uniting the Tech Sector in Pursuit of the Global Goals

2030 Vision Logo

2030Vision is an Arm-founded, cross-sector collaboration designed to harness digital technologies to achieve the Global Goals. Developed in partnership with business, academia, and NGOs, 2030Vision aims to unite the technology sector behind the Goals.

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