Faster Safety Compliance

Arm Software Test libraries (STL) complement Arm’s functional safety technology which supports systematic capability for ISO26262 ASIL D. STLs are efficient assembly language routines that test for the presence of faults when executing on Arm-based processors at startup and during run time. A single straightforward C language application programmer interface (API) lets developers quickly and easily scale test functions across multiple CPU systems.

Features and Benefits

Safety Certified

The safety test libraries undergo an extensive functional safety assessment process; resulting in shorter time to market and higher confidence the user’s system will meet industry safety standards.

Boot Time Diagnostics

Boot diagnostics (which can be destructive) only execute as the system is coming online when there is less of a real-time execution requirement, thus avoiding the chance of mishap in a running system.

Non-destructive at Runtime

Run time diagnostics execute during normal system operation and therefore must not destroy any data and must complete their specific function in a clearly defined time, called the worst case execution time.

More Diagnostic Coverage

Industry standards require that diagnostics test for the widest possible number of faults. Since no one knows Arm-based processors like Arm, no one offers more diagnostic coverage of potential faults.

Smaller Code

Arm Software Test Libraries have a size optimized code and so require fewer memory resources which can potentially save costs. They take maximum advantage of built-in processor features that enable fast test execution for greater test granularity and minimize diagnostic execution time on other system functions.

Faster Execution

Arm Software Test Libraries take maximum advantage of built-in processor features that enable faster test execution and short test granularity reducing impact on other system functions.

Use Cases

Easing Flexible Functional Safety Checking

Talk with an Expert

If you have any questions about Software Test Libraries or functional safety for Arm-based devices, talk to an Arm expert.

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