Securing Opportunity Wherever Computing Happens

Arm believes that 100% of the world's shared data will soon be processed on Arm, either at the endpoint, in the data networks, or the cloud. Our partners create opportunity from this disruption and rely on our security architectures, tools, and trusted ecosystem to usher in transformative, secure experiences wherever computing happens.


There are several ways we support a secure ecosystem, including by leading PSA Certified with like-minded partners. We also develop secure foundations and resources of our own to help protect against the many vulnerabilities detailed below.


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Ongoing Security Initiatives

To address new threats and deliver new consumer experiences while meeting legislative compliance, Arm continues to raise the bar on security with new innovations like Total Compute Solutions, and Armv9 the foundation for secure, specialized processing.

Scalable consumer devices depend upon trusted data that stays on the device. That’s why Arm offers Total Compute solutions with pre-integration for hardware, firmware, and software for trustworthy apps that help secure transactions and hinder hackers.

Arm Security Manifesto 2021

A shared responsibility to meet increasing cybersecurity threats. The third Arm Security Manifesto describes new and emerging cybersecurity threats while detailing powerful innovations to improve security from devices to the data center.


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Arm Security Manifesto 2021

Threats and Counter Measures

Arm has developed a range of security to mitigate against increasingly sophisticated security threats. These architectures address vulnerabilities in devices across all market areas, from IoT connected devices to large screen mobile computing devices to cloud servers.

By incorporating security into the foundational layers of the architecture, devices are better protected against security threats.

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A Considered Approach to Security

Arm takes a multilayered approach to security that bolsters defenses and promotes opportunity for our partners. It includes the following five tactics to help achieve an overarching security strategy that protects data wherever computing happens.

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Founding Member of PSA Certified

With adoption across low-power and high-performance IoT, PSA Certified has transformed the IoT industry and is beginning to democratize security in other markets.

PSA Certified is simplifying security while making complex security functions accessible. Using standard components, PSA Certified silicon and PSA Functional APIs, security functions in the hardware Root of Trust (the PSA-RoT) can be leveraged to create a space for all trusted functions.

PSA Certified is now recognized by governments, insurance vendors, industry bodies and IoT leaders (AVS) as a direct response to the growing threat, cost, and resource requirements faced by organizations as new threats emerge

The Turning Point for IoT Security 

Commissioned by Arm on behalf of PSA Certified, the PSA Certified report offers an annual review of progress of security and what is needed to protect from adversaries.

  • Identifies the barriers to implementation and how to overcome them.
  • Provides insights and data from over 1,000 decision-makers.
  • Offers tangible actions for the ecosystem.

Committed to Securing Innovation

Arm’s long-term commitment to security offers the peace of mind that allows our ecosystem partners to focus on innovation and can be best mapped across three approaches:

Looking to accelerate the development of secure SoCs?

Designed on the principles of PSA Certified, Corstone reference packages provide a complete solution for architecting a system with security at the heart, while balancing trade-offs between performance and power. The pre-verified subsystem and system IP included in Corstone packages significantly accelerates the development of secure SoCs, saving you time and allowing you to focus your resources on differentiation.

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 As long as there is value in controlling a device or accessing its data, there will be a constant battle against potential attackers. Talk with an Arm expert to learn more about security technologies that can be designed into devices.

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