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Arm works with partners that challenge us to think in new ways. We offer a wide range of partnership opportunities, from device chip designs all the way to service providers to help manage these devices. With our ecosystem of thousands of partners, our customers can go to market faster with products that customers demand.

AI Ecosystem

Arm’s AI Ecosystem has a broad range of specialists to help you deliver the next generation of AI solutions. The best way to discover and connect with these AI Ecosystem Partners is through the catalog.

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Automotive Ecosystem

The Arm Automotive Ecosystem connects you to the right partners, enabling you to build the next generation of efficient, scalable autonomous solutions.

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IoT Ecosystem

Explore Arm IoT Ecosystem partners who can help transform an idea into a secure, market-leading device. 

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The Right Ecosystem for Your Needs

We do our best to help businesses make their Arm-based product succeed in their chosen market, with targeted services like support and training. But there are times when one of our partners is best placed to offer help.

The Arm partner ecosystem grows in strength and numbers every year, supporting industries across the spectrum, from automotive to healthcare to consumer electronics. We can connect you with partners in your industry to help you reach your goals. 

Machine Learning


The Arm AI Partner program is a global ecosystem of AI companies at the forefront of enabling the next generation of intelligent devices across the Arm architecture.



Arm's IoT partners provide a diverse range of hardware and software solutions to help accelerate IoT growth opportunities.



Arm ecosystem partners provide best-of-breed converged infrastructure building block products and services.


Functional Safety

Arm functional safety partners help to fast-track the development of safety-critical systems with industry-leading software and tools, design services and training services.



Arm mobile partners drive innovation through mobile experiences and deliver compelling content to millions of end users across multiple industries and devices.

Arm for Startups

Together with our unique partner ecosystem, Arm provides startups and potential investors the confidence needed to translate a transformational idea from inspiration into production. See how Arm supports startups with free access to IP, support, tools, and our software ecosystem.

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PSA Certified logo

PSA Certified: Partners for a Secure IoT

PSA Certified is playing an important role in transforming IoT security and making it easier for partners to protect against vulnerabilities. Discover the benefits and value of this game-changing ecosystem.

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2022 Arm Ecosystem Report

Our survey of over 900 partners reveals important insights on everything from smartphones and watches to HPC servers and robotics. This report summarizes the results, showing new trends shaping the industry and what 2022 might bring.

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Arm Design and Training Partners

Arm Approved is a program through which we enable our ecosystem partners in specific technologies and activities so that they can support you better. Every Arm Approved partner has been through a robust qualification process, which allows us to recommend them to you in their specific field.

Arm Approved Design Partners

Arm Approved Design Partner program members bring their expertise in Arm IP and development tools to assist startups, OEMs, and semiconductor companies alike to turn their ideas into working silicon.

Arm Approved Training Partners

Arm Approved Training Partners provide both training under license from Arm as well as an industry-wide range of complementary course topics. Partners are carefully selected and are constantly updated by Arm Engineers to ensure the highest standards are delivered.