The Future is Built on Arm

Arm is thrilled to return to Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2023 to showcase our latest advancements in 5G and how Arm's powerful, energy-efficient processors are being used in a wide range of applications, from 5G networks to the latest Arm-based smartphones and laptops enabling the very best consumer experiences. With cutting-edge demos and expert insights, the Arm booth is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the future of technology.

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As the demand for data continues to grow, there is a need for 5G networks to support higher data rates and lower latency. This requires more powerful and sophisticated compute resources, which in turn require more energy. By focusing on power efficiency, 5G networks can support these higher performance requirements while minimizing their energy consumption.


At MWC, we showcase exciting demos that feature Arm based silicon, devices and software. The Arm architecture plays a critical role in power management for 5G networks, as it allows for increased power efficiency in the network infrastructure, which can ultimately help to reduce costs and support sustainability goals.


The latest Arm-based smartphones and laptops allow today’s consumers to enjoy the very best experiences, whether it be AAA gaming on mobile with Ray Tracing technology delivering a more realistic gaming experience, or longer battery life and the freedom to work anywhere with 5G enabled laptops.


MWC 2023 demos include:

Low Footprint Private 5G Network for Industrial Deployments

Compact private 5G networks are ideal for industrial deployments such as factories and warehouses, where a high-speed and reliable wireless connection is needed for M2M communication and automation. In this demo, we will showcase how Arm-powered virtual RAN cards provide scalability, flexibility, easy upgrades and maintenance for these compact private 5G network designs.

Integrated Indoor Small Cells

This small cell demo is based on Arm-based chipsets, which are known for their low power consumption and high performance, making them well-suited for small cell deployments where energy efficiency is a key consideration. This small cell is particularly well-suited for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) deployments that allow for the use of shared spectrum and provide wireless connectivity in a variety of different settings.

Affordable and Reliable Fixed Wireless Access Solution

This demo showcases a 5G Fixed Wireless Access solution that utilizes open-source Magma core network running on SolidRun platforms powered by high-performance and energy-efficient Arm-based Marvell chipsets. The solution is paired with Ericsson gNodeB/radio equipment to provide a low-cost and low-power option for Wireless Internet Service Providers and other FWA users in rural or remote areas.

Ray Tracing on Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU

The best visual experiences run on Arm. In this demo, you will see how mobile gaming performance is unleashed with Arm’s flagship's Immortalis-G715 GPU, designed to provide ultimate gaming experiences on next-generation flagship smartphones, with hardware-based ray tracing , pushing gaming on Android to a whole new level.

Gaming on Windows on Arm and ChromeOS

Gaming on Arm laptops is better than ever! Arm-based laptops bring advanced architecture and processor technology that enables mobile features and benefits on these devices, providing enhanced creativity, productivity, and entertainment. This demo shows modern games running at silky smooth frame rates on the latest Windows on Arm devices, and Android games that can be played using the keyboard on Chromebooks.

Windows on Arm Software Development

This demo showcases the Windows Dev Kit 2023 (Project Volterra), a developer device that allows software developers to develop their apps on Arm, for Arm, using tools from Microsoft and popular third-party frameworks now available natively on Windows on Arm.

Smartphone - Multi App Usage and Form Factors

Today's users don't just rely on one app at a time, they use multiple apps at the same time to get things done. Running multiple concurrent apps require CPUs with high performance, especially with the demanding apps of today. This demo shows that whether it's having a video meeting while composing an email and searching for info on the internet, or playing the latest game while looking for tips on YouTube and messaging friends, Arm CPUs can provide great performance.