How & When to Replace a Door Locks?

Locks are your first line of defense. With the most advanced security system and trustworthy locks, your home will be a fortress that no intruders can ever penetrate. To ensure that your home is fortified, you have to be certain your locks are working well. Some situations may require changing your locks but when should you do it?

Cheap and Weak Locks

Using this kind of locks will only make a job of an intruder easy. It’s wise to invest more on security rather than risking your home and belongings with cheap locks. They may be cheap but could cost you a lot when your home gets compromised.

New Home and Old Locks

The feel of moving into a new home is great but don’t let this feeling overwhelm you much because you moved into a house that used to have an owner once. You won’t have any idea how many locks of the previous owner distributed. And knowing the fact that anyone can duplicate any keys, it’s a good idea to change your lock immediately.

History of a break-in

If you ever have a history of a break-in, learn from your experience and change your locks. No matter how did an intruder get in, it’s possible that they had managed to grab a spare key or did something to damage your locks.

Wear and Tear

Time is the enemy for man-made products. And locks are no exception. As they are prone to wear and tear, locks will eventually become old and rusty making them weak that can easily get broken. These are the kind of locks that attract burglars that’s why get your old locks replaced right away.

When Someone Moved Out

Whether there were roommates, tenants, or your significant other moved out of your house, they might have a spare key even though they had surrendered the original key. It’s better to be sure and safe than sorry by getting your locks replaced as soon as they moved out.

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