How To Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

How To Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

People who were engaged to different sports such as tennis, running, soccer and many others are prone to having ankle and foot injuries. However these sport-centered people have the chance to lessen the danger by following some precautionary actions. For sure no one will be glad to suffer from this condition, so it is very important to know some ways to hinder an accident from happening. Aside from sports enthusiasts, we all need to be aware of these safety measures for they can greatly help us in keeping ourselves away from potential harm.

  1. Do some warm-up exercises ahead of doing any sports activity. Stretching lightly will do, but it is far much better to do a slow jog for about 2 to 3 minutes to exercise the muscles in your legs. Do not apply to much pressure on doing a stretch.
  2. Make your muscles in good condition. The time elapse in doing the activity should be lengthen slowly each week in order to build up both the muscle’s vigor and agility. Training into different ways can make the muscles stronger than before.
  3. Choose better athletic shoes appropriate for your foot type so you can be comfortable. People who have low arches foot need to wear shoes that gives aid for both the front of the shoe and below the arch. The heel along with its counter must be very fixed. People with high arches should prefer to wear shoes which are more soft and has a tender platform. Use only shoes which are specifically designed for athletes. Cross training shoes are said to be a perfect pick, but it is highly recommended to wear sports shoes.
  4. Change athletic shoes when they are ruined. Individuals who were running in a daily basis need to replace shoes once every six months, more often for eager runners.
  5. Be cautious in running several hills. Running uphill is considered to be a great workout; however you need to ensure that to build this up to prevent injuries. Be wary when running down the hill rapidly, this is the common reason while injuries arise.
  6. Hinder recurrent ankle injuries. Sports engaged people who formerly encountered ankle injuries may use brace to prevent continuously occurring ankle and foot injuries.
  7. Do not run on uneven surfaces. It is necessary to be careful in running on rocky hills or ground with loose gravel. Holes in the ground as well as roots are the main problems experience by trail runners. In case you have a problem with your lower legs, a dirty road is softer than the asphalt which is softer than the cemented surface. Select a good surface if it is possible. But if you are on a race, make sure to train on the surface you have run lastly.

Bear in mind these tips so you can lower the possibility of suffering from ankle sprain, fracture or many other injuries concerning the foot. Preventing ankle injuries is much easier than treating it, so be careful all the time.

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