Enjoyable, Simple Games for babies ages 1 to 2 years old

Enjoyable, Simple Games for babies ages 1 to 2 years old

Spending time playing with your baby is very important to let them know how much you love them and how much you value the time you spend together. Teaching them new games will surely lessen your stress and help them to learn new things.

Are you interested to learn new games that you and your baby will enjoy? Here are the list of simple games that will surely make your baby happy:

Kissing his/her armpit

Pretend that you are looking for something and found it on his/her armpit. Hold his/her two hands and raise it. Kiss it slowly and say you already found it. She/he will surely be tickle and laugh hard.


Hide your face using your hand, then pops back in your baby’s view and say Peekaboo! She will surely love to see your smiling face which will makes him/her smile too. Not only that, this game will also help your baby’s cognitive development.

Clap Clap

At this stage, your baby already knows how to open his/her hands alone but it may take a little while for him/her to clap on his/her own. For now, sit her/him in front of you. Hold his/her hand and clap it for him/her while singing a happy song. This will surely boost her language skills and hand eye coordination.

Animal Sounds

Copy the sounds of animals and tell him/her what kind of animals is it. Do it in a funny and exciting way so it will be easy for him/her to memorize the sounds. This will help your baby increase his/her awareness of sounds and gives her/his confidence to try saying new words.

Toy comes to life

Pretend that your baby’s toy is real. Make it walk, talk, sleep, eat, dance and more. It is good idea if you can also include it in your daily activities like sitting it with your baby for dinner. Talking about what you are doing will help your baby learn about his/her language skills.

Just like any other individual, your baby also needs to enjoy. Whenever you have free time always make sure that you play games with them even if it is too simple. Babies are so easy to laugh. It won’t give you hard time.. You can do this simple games even if you are too tired in your daily chores or work.

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