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What Is Confidential Computing? Here’s A Great Example

Confidential computing is the next step in securing devices, but what does that mean for you, your data and the world at large? We’ve created a comic book to explain…

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Posted on 6th August 2021 By Arm Blueprint staff
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What Is Confidential Computing? Here’s A Great Example

Confidential computing refers to the protection of data in use by performing computation within a hardware-backed secure environment. This shields code and data from observation or modification by privileged software and hardware agents, reducing the burden of trust on a computer’s operating system or hypervisor.

Confidential Computing in action

Sounds great, but what does that mean in reality? Can you give me an example of confidential computing in action?

Sure! We’ve created this easy-to-read comic book to bring the idea of confidential computing to life. Read on to discover how two scientists might use the concepts behind confidential computing to help diagnose a rare bone disease by aggregating encrypted patient data…

Click to read Confidential Computing Comics: The Hippocratic Oath

Arm Confidential Compute Architecture

The Arm Confidential Compute Architecture (CCA), introduced in the Armv9 architecture, is the latest in a series of hardware and software architecture innovations designed to extend the broad adoption of confidential computing to every industry sector where microprocessors are in use.


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