The Arm Automotive Ecosystem connects you to the right partners, enabling you to build the next generation of efficient, scalable autonomous solutions.

Newest Partners

  • BlackBerry QNX

    BlackBerry® QNX® is a trusted supplier of safe and secure foundational software for building the world’s most critical embedded systems.
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  • OpenSynergy

    OpenSynergy provides embedded software products for the next generation of vehicles. Their hypervisor and communication products pave the way for an integrated driving experience.
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  • Wind River

    Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for intelligent systems.
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Bringing advanced safety and driver assistance technologies to more vehicles with cost-sensitive, high-performance image processing and software-defined heterogeneous compute for future-proofed ADAS designs.

Autonomous Vehicles

Offering technologies to service the compute needs of the whole car, advancing the development and deployment of safe, affordable SAE Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles.

Digital Cockpit

Delivering solutions for intuitive, informative, and immersive in-vehicle experiences with the technologies needed for advanced features to meet consumer demands for connectivity, safety, and future mobility.

Vehicle Motion and Dynamics 

Enabling the real-time, efficient, safe compute solutions needed for a variety of vehicle motion and dynamics systems, including powertrain, braking, steering, and suspension applications.

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