7 Common Fashion Mistake That Every Woman Should Know

7 Common Fashion Mistake That Every Woman Should Know

I am a woman and I will tell you the truth that we want to get the attention of people aside from the attitude and face. We value clothes and we are conscious about how we will going to wear it. However, I still observed that other women tried hard to look good but still failed. I am not telling you that I am perfect wearing clothes. I just want to share about common Women Fashion Mistake. So, that you can able to see your wrong and improve the best that you can be.

Color combination

Whenever you buy clothes always remember to look at the colors. People have different skin tones. There are clothes that will look good in you but not to others and there are clothes that look good to others but not to you. Never buy new trends that will not fit your color tone because instead of looking good, you will look trying hard and out of fashion sense.

Too small and too big size

If you will buy a new set of clothes never, compare it to the clothes size you already have. Why? Because clothes are not made perfectly and our body size is changing. The best thing to do is fit it. I noticed that many women buy clothes that are not appropriate to their size .The common reason is they like the style of the clothes but this kind of manner is a no!no!no! because it will only just make you uncomfortable and look bad.

Too many colors

Colors have two purpose; to make you look good or to make you look bad. It does not mean that colors fit your skin tone you need to wear different colors. Using color have limits, you should not exaggerate. Too much color is not good in the eyes

Wrinkle Clothes

Clothes may look good in you and fits you very well but if you will not iron it. You will not look impressive and it lessen your self-confidence. If you are saving electricity bill buy clothes that do not need to be iron.


Wrong make up

There are rules in putting make-ups and you should know this rule. Putting light make-up on a day and putting heavy make up on the evening. I observed that many women put too much blush on in the morning. Stop doing that because you will look like a clown.

Uncomfortable Shoes and Sandals

Wear Shoes and Sandals that fit you very well. Many women buy shoes and sandals that will match their clothes but does not fit them. You may look great but do you feel comfortable? Of course not your ankle hurt so much. Aside from that you cannot walk properly.

Wrong Accessories

Whenever you wear, accessories make sure that it matches your outfit. It does not mean that expensive accessories will match all the types of your clothing. They also have limits and if you wear them wrong instead of receiving praise, you will receive criticism.

How those my tips sounds? Well, i hope you learned from it. Women should be adorable to their attitude and look.

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